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Meet Elle

Elle Middaugh is a USA Today Bestselling Author living in the Pennsylvania Allegheny Mountains with her wonderful husband and three beautiful children. She spends most of her time raising kids, writing stories, playing video games, reading, and attempting to keep a clean house. 

She’s a proud Navy wife, a frazzle-brained mother, a fan of health and fitness, a lover of tea and red wine, and a believer in happily ever afters.

Elle Middaugh - author photo -
3  Kids          5  Cats         1  Husband lol
Elle Middaugh

Some of  My Favs!


  • Sabaa Tahir

  • Jaymin Eve

  • Jane Washington

  • Tate James



  • The Ember in the Ashes Quartet

  • The Hunger Games Trilogy

  • The Curse of the Gods Series

  • Royal Trials Series

  • Hannaford Prep Series



  • Purple

  • Turquoise​

  • Cyan


  • The Xx

  • Purity Ring

  • Odesza

  • The Neighborhood

  • Glass Animals

  • Twenty one Pilots



  • Pizza

  • Shrimp scampi



  • Jaguar

  • Leopard

Want to know even MORE?

♥ Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

(I've also heard: Huffle-Claw & Huffle-dor lol)

Myers-Briggs Psychological Type: INFP-T (Mediator)

Enneagram Psychological Type: 4 (Individualist)

with a wing of 3 (Achiever)

Enneagram IVQ: self preservation (the Sensualist)

♥ Astrology Sign: Virgo

♥ Element: Water


♥ Started writing in middle school 

♥ Studied creative writing in high school & college

Published first book in 2016

Hit USA Today list in 2018

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