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The Mage Shifter War

The Mage Shifter War - 1 - Fae Captive -

They think capturing me will help them win the war.
But they just made the biggest mistake of their lives.

As a summer fae princess and chief enforcer for the Mage Police, it’s my job to stop shifters dead in their tracks—emphasis on the dead part. And if one criminal slips through my fingers while I bag another, well, that’s not a good enough reason to demote me—in my opinion.

Determined to prove myself to the mages, I go after the worst criminal out there: The Shadow. But when that mission gets blown all to hell, I find myself a captive of three shifter warlords.

Being their prisoner shows me all about the darker side of the war. But the thing is… I’m not afraid of the dark.

Or them.

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The Mage Shifter War - 2 - Fae Unchained

The mages abandoned me in this brutal war.
They just made the biggest mistake of their lives.

As a rogue princess and ex-chief enforcer, I know all their magic tricks. And now that I’m mated not just to a wolf shifter, but his bear shifter best friend, I’ve got two good reasons to fight for the opposite side.

But the Mage Council is used to winning, and they’ll stop at nothing to ensure we lose. The more I try to help the shifters, the worse their lives seem to get. And now that things have reached the breaking point, I find myself facing a problem I never expected.

Someone from my past is out for revenge, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it.

But I’ll stop at nothing either.


So let the games begin.

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