Which of your series do you think I should read first?

As of right now (December 2020) my bestselling series -- and the one I'm currently most proud of -- is the Storms of Blackwood series! It was my first RH series and the one that really made this into a solid CAREER for me, so it holds a special place in my heart <3

Who was your favorite character to write?

Oh geez... as far as heroines are concerned? My initial instinct is to go with Val (from the Essential Elements trilogy). I based a lot of her quirks and internal dialogue after myself (which is a bit worrisome, considering a good number of readers complained about her LOL! Like, would they like ME if we ever met IRL? hahaha!) But as far as interesting characters are concerned... I like Catfish (Eliza's familiar in Queen Witch). He's snarky and hilarious lol And I like Speedy (Alexis's pet from Taken by Storm)! Writing an accident-prone sloth into a book was a lot of fun!

When will we get the Academy of the Gods series?

Haha! I'm so glad you're interested in this! I love all of my god/demigod characters so much. Right now (December 2020) it's looking like Kings of Valhalla (a Norse god series) will come out in 2021. THEN I'll remix the "Essential Elements" series by turning it into an RH trilogy (I'll probably leave the YA version, but I'm not sure yet). So then THAT will come out next. And then I think I'll try and publish ONE more gods series (I'm not sure which mythology I'll follow next) before FINALLY throwing all of these wonderful characters into the Academy! haha! So realistically speaking... (and to answer your question)... not for another couple years :/