What are your favorite books on writing craft?

I LOVE writing craft books lol Some of my favorites are... - K.M. Weiland (Helping Writers Become Authors Series) This is how I plot my books, using K.M.'s outline :) She also taught me a LOT about how fiction works, in depth, yet totally understandable. Plus, I'm pretty sure her (free) website has even more info than her books! - Becca Syme (Dear Writer, You Need to Quit Series) These books just made sense to me. They hit home in a way that many others didn't. But (perhaps) even more valuable are her courses. I love psychology and Becca uses the psychological study of personality in order to help her students/clients learn how to write better and faster! If you've taken any personality tests (ie/ Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, etc.) we should totally chat! haha! You can find my personality test results in my Bio section :) -

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

I'm a plotter! The first series I ever wrote (the Essential Elements YA trilogy) was pantsed -- and I learned a LOT from that experience! lol After that, I learned plotting and never looked back... Just kidding. I totally looked back. SO MANY big-name authors admit to being pantsers. They just start writing and allow their characters to dictate where the #1 bestselling story will inevitably take them. So I thought, I should just pants, it'll be better that way. LOoooOL. It's not. Not for ME. We're all different, and we should embrace that! Some of us will enjoy the creative freedom of pantsing, while others of us appreciate a clear path full of intention and deliberate planning -- and that's OKAY! Do what works best for you and TRY to stop comparing yourself to other authors (easier said than done, I know lol)

Do you recommend paid advertising?

At this point (December 2020) I would undoubtedly say YES. I started out publishing WITHOUT ads, and I made virtually NO money. My first book earned about $80 for the entire YEAR. Ouch. It wasn't until I took Mark Dawson's Ads for Authors course and began using Facebook ads that I finally started making some money. Will the market change in the next few years and make ads irrelevant? Possibly. Will I gain a massive amount of loyal followers who make ads unnecessary? I sure hope so! haha! But for now, ads are where it's at lol