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Alexis Ravenel: Damaged. Determined. Deadly.

In order to control me, the Storm King does his best to damage me. And unfortunately, he’s quite good at it. But I suppose what doesn’t kill me, ticks me off enough to make me stronger. I’m now more determined than ever to rid the world of his wicked ways, but for that, we’ll need allies.

The Storm Princes and I travel to the Obsidian Desert in order to save Timberlune and the fae, only to find that the kingdom of Eristan and the harpies need our help, too. Their chimeras are dying off, and no one knows why. In order to save the mysterious creatures, we’ll need to travel to the enchanted Lunaley: the land the harpies and fae have been fighting over for decades.

But there’s more to the Ley than what meets the eye, and when things ultimately become dire and deadly, my guys and I learn there’s more to our blood bond than we realized. If we can pull this ridiculous stunt off, we’ll gain two new allies. But if we can’t, there will be war on both fronts.

One thing is for sure, though...

These pawns are about to become players in a deadly game of our own.

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