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Alexis Ravenel: Rule breaker, risk taker, game changer.

With the fae and sirens waging war at Blackwood's gates, and no one else stepping in to help—thanks a lot harpies—it's up to me and my sexy Storm Princes to save our kingdom from eminent doom.

To do this, we'll have to meet Hydratica head-on in a battle the likes of which we've never seen. See, there are more than sirens lurking in their murky waters, and whatever is down there, I think it's guarding the Eye of the Sea—the elusive object we need to find on behalf of the Storm King.

Only, I have no intention of handing it over to him. Not after everything he's done...

He tried to rule me, but I'm a rule breaker. He tried to tame me, but I'm a risk taker. He tried to play me, but I'm no longer just a pawn in his wicked game...

I'm a game changer, and I'm not playing by his rules anymore.

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