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A siren queen, a sexy mage, and an epic quest to save the sea. 

I was Princess Liliana, a bit of a slacker, a bit of a rebel, just trying to find a cure for the dark sorcery spreading through the sea. 

So when my parents end up dead, and I end up inheriting both the throne and a set of orphaned sea dragons, it’s pretty safe to say my life is about to change. 

Cue the messenger from the thirteenth region. He tells me of a Legacy Stone, one that has the power to heal the sea. But in order to find it, I’ll need to journey onto dry land and seek the help of a powerful mage—or rather, her son, Cruz. 

The journey is hard enough without him distracting me, and I need to keep my mind on the magical rock, instead of his rock-hard abs, if we’re going to save the world. Besides, I don’t have time for love if I’m going to succeed in curing the sea. There won’t be time for anything if we’re all dead...

Fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent will devour this new dystopian adventure! Get your copy TODAY!

Siren Awakened is a standalone paranormal romance featuring kickass Sirens, charming Mages, snarky Humans, and even rugged Pirates, all in the Charmed Legacy Cursed Seas Collection.

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