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Strange things are happening in this small college town.

Earthquakes occurring nowhere near a fault line. Freak rainstorms when the sky was just clear blue. Winds strong enough to drag people through the trees. Fires that blow out like candles…
And it always seems to happen when one of THEM is around.

Cade. Holden. Chase.

Each one is sinfully sexy. Each one is interested in me for different reasons. And each one holds a secret that could get us all killed.

Secrets are hard to keep. But are they really worth dying for?

* Based on The Essential Elements Series by Elle Middaugh.
** The Essential Elements Remix retells Val's story with a more mature, Reverse Harem twist! Some things are the same, but many things are different. If you—like me—feel that heroines shouldn't have to choose just one guy… then this series is for you!

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